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FRCS General Surgery - Section 1 revision

Welcome to eFRCS. We provide a dedicated revision portal for the FRCS Intercollegiate examination in general surgery. The FRCS examination is one of the most challenging examinations faced by senior surgical trainees and adequate preparation is vital if you are to succeed. The examination is administered by the Intercollegiate examination speciality boards, on their website you will find the forms and syllabus details for the examination. You need to ensure that you have taken the time to complete the registration process in adequate time.

The exam itself consists of a Single Best Answer (SBA) paper which contains 110 questions and lasts for 2 hours. A break then follows before the Extended Matching Paper (EMQ) which contains 130 questions and lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The exams are delivered via a computer interface at dedicated centres in both the UK and abroad.

To help you prepare for the exam we have developed a web based package which contains both SBA and EMQ style questions that are based closely on themes from previous examinations. In addition to the questions we also provided detailed revision notes and references.

Finally we value your opinions as practising surgeons please take time to send us feedback, we will respond to all points raised.

We wish you well in the exam.

Best wishes,

eFRCS Team